Catatan Miss cucok: Dialog bawang merah dan bawang putih versi inggris

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Dialog bawang merah dan bawang putih versi inggris

Dialog bawang merah dan bawang putih versi inggris by lila

1. bawang putih
2. bawang merah
3. ibu / mother
4. bawang bombay
5. daun bawang

Bawang putih live with her step mother and her step sister namely bawang merah. since bawang putih mother and father died. her step mother & step sister always asked her to do all the house hold.
( On house )
Mother : "hey bawang putih.. come here!!"
bawang merah : "hurry up!! you're slow!"
bawang putih : "what happen?"
mother : "now go to the river and wash all this clothes be clean!!"
bawang putih : "bu-but mom"
bawang merah : "shut up! just do it! now!"

While bawang putih wash the clothes, bawang merah hide behind the tree. she come there because she has malicious intent to bawang putih. finnaly, bawang merah came over to bawang putih

bawang putih : "Hey bawang merah, what are you doing here?"
bawang merah : "umm.. nothing"
bawang putih : "did you come here to help me? ahaha.."
bawang merah : "of course not! do it by your self!"

then bawang merah threw the clothes into the river.

bawang putih : "bawang merah!!! why do you threw that clothes?! that's mother favorite clothes you know?!"
bawang merah : "i know, bwleeh. (stuck her tongue) you make me angry! that's why i threw that clothes!"
bawang putih : "ughh.. i have to find that clothes now!"
bawang merah : "hahahhahaaha"

Bawang putih was walking along the river to find the clothes. but she's not finding it yet, it was getting dark. and she decided to go home.

Bawang merah : "mom, bawang putih is home. look at her mom"
mother : "what happen with her? where have you been bawang putih? are you done washing?
bawang merah : "mom, she's not done washing those clothes. because she threw away your favorite clothes  into river and let the clothes washed away by the river."
bawang putih : "no mom!! she's lie! she did it! not me!"
bawang merah : "shut up!!, you're the one who lied to mom! you did it! i saw it by myself"
mother : "really? bawang putih! as your punishment, you have to find that clothes now! and don't go home if you not found it!"
bawang putih : "bu-but mom, it's already night. can i find that clothes tommorow?"
mother : "NO!! you have to search that clothes now before someone took it!"
bawang putih : "yes mom.."

then bawang putih walked along the river side by side. she look carefully to know where the clothes are..
she walked too long and far. she felt tired and she decided to go rest. but not far from there, there's a hovel. she walked into that hovel slowly.
and when she arrived, she knock that door. and two little girl was opened the door.

bawang bombay + daun bawang: "who are you?"
bawang putih   : "umm, hi.. my name is bawang putih."
bawang bombay    : "bawang putih? nice name. come on in bawang putih."
bawang putih   : "thank you"
daun bawang   : "so, what are you doing here? and why did you walking alone at night?"
bawang putih   : "well, my stepmother ask me to find her clothes that washed away in this river. and she told me that i cant go home if i cant find that clothes"
daun bawang   : "pity, what a very bad mother.."
bawang putih   : "yeah, you're right.."
bawang bombay    : "wait.. you said that you search a clothes that washed away in this river right?"
bawang putih   : "yeah.. why? did you find it?"
bawang bombay    : "is the color is red?"
bawang putih   : "yeaahh.. it is!!! you find it right? and can you give it to me?
daun bawang   : "so that clothes is yours. well, we can give it to you. but you have to stay here for one week"
bawang putih   : "i cant, i have to go home and return that clothes to my stepmother."
bawang bombay    : "pleaseeee.. me and my sister are lonely"
bawang putih   : "alright, just one week right?"
bawang bombay + daun bawang: "yep"

bawang putih lived with those two girl for one week. she helped her happily. after everything was finished bawang bombay and daun bawang returned the clothes.

bawang bombay    : "here is the clothes bawang putih"
bawang putih   : "thankyou, can i go home now?"
daun bawang   : "uhh.. wait bawang putih. because you're helping us happily, we want to give you this pumpkins. which one do you like?"
bawang putih   : "umm.. i'll pick the small one, thanks so much daun bawang and bawang bombay. i have to go now, goodbye!"
bawang bombay + daun bawang: "you're welcome, be careful on your way. good bye!"

(on home)
mother : "did you find that clothes?"
bawang putih : "yes mom (give that clothes)"
bawang merah : "so, what's that?"
bawang putih : "i don't know, i get it from two little girl because i helped them."
bawang merah : "well, hurry up, piece it now! i'm hungry"

(on kitchen)
bawang putih : "mom, bawang merah, look!"
mother : "what is that thing? why you can get many gold and jewelries in this pumpkin?"
bawang putih : "i don't know, maybe those girl who put this jewelries and gold"

suddenly, the step mother asked bawang merah to do exactly the same as bawang putih. she threw the clothes and pretend to search it.
not long after that she found a hovel, she knock the door and met two little girl. again, they ask bawang putih to stay there for
one week and do household chores. but she refused and ask bawang bombay and daun bawang to give her a pumpkins. bawang merah choose
the big one. she was so happy, and she ran very fast. when she arrived home, she smashed the pumpkin into the floor. but this time,
inside the pumpkin is not gold anymore. it's just a large and small stone

mother : "what the?! what's this?? why don't you give me some jewelries?!"
bawang merah : "well mom, i think god just punished us that we had done bad things to bawang putih. we have to apologize to bawang putih."
mother : "i think you're right"

finnaly, they realized their mistakes and apologized to bawang putih. she forgive them. now they're notpoor anymore, bawang putih decided to sell all of the jewelries.    

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